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“My philosophy is about reaching back to move forward,” says John. “I have something different to say with a sensibility that is both old and new.”  The designer credits his early obsession with rock music and the eclectic style of the artists as the catalyst for his interest in fashion.  In a classic move, the first thing he does after leasing space for his Chelsea design studio is buy a killer audio system. Great music inspires his first collection and becomes a unifying theme in his design, seen to this day in every expression of the brand.




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PHILOSOPHY, PROUDLY EASY | Easy but not simple. We neither want to convince nor impress. We just want to do what we do best. Taking off superfluo to let the essence come out. We start from authentic and original and bring in a modern, easy and comfortable way of being and dressing. Proud of it. We say, Easy Classic.



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At PAIGE, we believe that every choice we've ever made-the big ones, the small ones, the right or the wrong-has led us to this moment. We believe that the best story you can make and share is the one of your own life, and we are passionate about designing pieces that reflect and celebrate it.


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Every jean company is known for making a great “32×32,” but many fail to address men whose bodies fall outside that perfect proportion. 34 Heritage delivers progressive and sophisticated design, incorporating perfected modern and classic fits for gentlemen of various shapes and sizes. Top quality materials and exceptional handcrafted details are our hallmark. This is where 34 Heritage continuously delivers to an elite audience of discerning men, building a loyal following of leading men’s stores.


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A research that goes beyond borders, to fabrics with unusual weaves, that are matched in brave combinations, producing a revolutionary visual and tactile experience made of light shapes.


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FEEL GOOD! - Herford-based fashion label BRAX has stood behind this lifestyle for more than 125 years. Founded by Bernward Leineweber in Berlin in 1888, the company has made a name for itself as a key player in the premium casual clothing segment.

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Thanks to the special, developed by DESOTO sleeve design with seamless shoulders, our shirts offer maximum freedom of movement and a perfect fit with outstanding comfort.

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Spring Summer 2019 Men’s Campaign The Spring Summer 2019 collection draws inspiration from our beautiful world. Like being beamed down to interesting places. Handcrafted African patterns in indigo blue and tobacco brown. Dried Marrakesh desert colors with a hint of terracotta and Safran. Stripes in French colors like just being on the French Riviera.



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