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FEEL GOOD! - Herford-based fashion label BRAX has stood behind this lifestyle for more than 125 years. Founded by Bernward Leineweber in Berlin in 1888, the company has made a name for itself as a key player in the premium casual clothing segment.   Click here to see more...

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From the very beginning, John Varvatos infuses his namesake collection with a creative spirit and intrinsic edge so recognizably his own. In his own words, he designs the line for “a guy who appreciates beautiful fabrics and great details, without being too over-the-top.”   Click here to see more...

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7 Downie St. offers a wide range of unique clothing that is always on trend, including shirts, ties, scarves, demin, shirts, and much more.  Come in any time to check out what we have in-store.




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Men are dressing in ways that adapt better to the transitions they now make from the office to the evening or the city to the country. More travel means a need for more comfort and functionality, but men still want to assemble a unique outfit that expresses their individuality no matter the occasion.

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PHILOSOPHY, PROUDLY EASY | Easy but not simple. We neither want to convince nor impress. We just want to do what we do best. Taking off superfluo to let the essence come out. We start from authentic and original and bring in a modern, easy and comfortable way of being and dressing. Proud of it. We say, Easy Classic.

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Every jean company is known for making a great “32×32,” but many fail to address men whose bodies fall outside that perfect proportion. 34 Heritage delivers progressive and sophisticated design, incorporating perfected modern and classic fits for gentlemen of various shapes and sizes.

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